29/06/2017 3:23 AM AEST | Updated 29/06/2017 12:16 PM AEST

This Dog Had A Dreamier Maternity Shoot Than Most Humans

Doggone it, this is cute. 

Elsa Veria-Means just posted the most adorable maternity shoot to her Twitter account, but she’s not pregnant. 

The shoot was for her pup, Fusee, who at 8 weeks pregnant got her very own maternity shoot, complete with a flower crown that puts even the most festive music festival-goers to shame. 

Clayton Foshaug
Gorgeous mom-to-be!
Clayton Foshaug

Fusee, who lives in Olympia, Washington and has better style than all of us, welcomed 8 puppies into the world on Wednesday.

But first, on Monday she and Veria-Means participated in their whimsical shoot. Fusee is pictured surrounded by flowers with a sign that reads “Soon 2 B MOM!”

Clayton Foshaug
So regal. 

Are you crying yet? Join the club. While photoshoots for pregnant pups is not exactly a new concept, this one hit social media users right in the feels. Some Twitter users pointed out that it’s best to spay or neuter pets, but many praised the shoot for being what someone called “extra” and another Twitter user called “the purest thing” they’ve ever seen.

Congratulations to Fusee for delivering her pups and for becoming our new style icon. 

Clayton Foshaug
Congrats, Fusee!