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The Many Health Benefits Of Herbs

Herbs have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries.

There's no denying the many wonderful developments of modern science. Though long before a lot of the cutting-edge medicines and technologies we use today came along, we relied heavily on nature -- namely herbs -- to cure our ailments and aid in better overall health.

These days we sometimes forget that herbs are much more than just extra seasoning for our favourite dishes. Take oregano for example. When eaten, the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids help to control cholesterol levels while the B-vitamins present help to boost our circulation and metabolism.

Peppermint is another powerful herb. The menthol found in peppermint is great at easing a cold as it helps to open the airways, while peppermint tea has been found to be a antispasmodic -- meaning it eases nausea related to motion sickness.

As with all good things, you can have too much. Large quantities of herbs can be detrimental to your health (and even dangerous), so check with your doctor if you're not sure.

For more amazing health benefits of popular herbs (plus how to store them), check out the below infographic.

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