06/07/2017 5:08 PM AEST | Updated 06/07/2017 5:09 PM AEST

This Freaky Cloud Formation Took Over The Sky On The QLD-NSW Border

The town of Goondiwindi were treated to the rare weather event.

Well, you don't see this everyday.

The small town of Goondiwindi on the Queensland-New South Wales border was treated to a rare weather spectacle on Tuesday morning after an impressive roll cloud stretched across the sky.

Roll clouds are a type of low, horizontally-formed sky formation known as Arcus clouds that are made to look like tubes rolling across the sky, typically in the wake of a thunderstorm or on shallow cold fronts that have come in from the ocean.

All that aside, check out some of the local residents' sky snaps -- they're quite the wonder.

When clouds are rolling over. So epic! #australiayousurpriseme #queensland #wow😍

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