Man Nails Why Guys Need To Stop Joking About The 'Friend Zone'

Joking about being relegated to the “friend zone” may feel harmless, but it can actually be pretty offensive.

A writer has schooled the internet on the problems with the phrase, which, let’s face it, is usually used by guys.

TV writer David Slack pointed out that the “friend zone” stems from the idea that a woman “owes you” a relationship, even if she isn’t attracted to you.

It also implies that being friends with a woman is something bad or embarrassing, when in reality, we make pretty great pals.

The debate started after a Twitter user shared a series of images from the TV series ‘Teen Titans’, along with the caption: “These dudes were the definition of being in the friend zone.”

The original tweet first went viral last year, but earlier this week it was spotted by Slack, who created two of the ‘Teen Titans’ characters.

He commented on the images to point out that women are not “games to be won”.

Another Twitter user joined in the thread to say he found it “strange and nonsensical” that people associate the “friend zone” with misogyny.

So Slack laid the concept out for all the understand.

We think that clears things up nicely.