This Very Realistic Avocado Swim Suit Is Definitely Not The Pits

It's sure to be a *smash* hit at the beach.

Holy guacamole, this swimsuit is amazing.

Beloved, the brand behind that chest hair swimsuitand that Donald Trump swimsuit, is now offering a suit that’s a lot more appetizing: It’s printed with a halved avocado, complete with a pit in the middle.

Smash hit.
Smash hit.

Is it painfully trendy? Yes. Is it also the only avocado that won’t brown mere hours after you open it? Probably.

The suit comes in both classic and high-legged styles and goes up to a 2XL. Plus, with a one-time cost of $49.99, it probably won’t prevent you from purchasing a home at some point in your life, like other avocado-centric entities have (stupidly) been accused of doing.

Not to mention, that pit would look too cute on a pregnant person. Just saying.

H/T Cosmopolitan U.K.