11/07/2017 4:06 AM AEST | Updated 11/07/2017 5:15 AM AEST

Twitter Responds To Kellyanne Conway's Latest Spin And It's Too Funny

People on Twitter cannot handle Kellyanne Conway’s spin anymore — and their annoyance makes for some great jokes.

On Monday, the White House counselor went on CNN to defend Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting in June 2016 with a lawyer linked to the Russian government.

Conway backed Trump Jr.’s latest account of the meeting, in which he said he attended a meeting set up by a contact from the Miss Universe pageant because he was promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

 Conway then alluded that this was OK because there was “no information provided that was meaningful” during this meeting, and it was more about Russian adoption.

Due to Conway’s admission that Trump Jr. had met with someone linked to the Russian government, albeit unknowingly, CNN host Chris Cuomo then questioned why Conway and the Trump administration had denied contact in the past.

That’s when Conway changed the subject and began criticizing CNN for their negative coverage of the Trump administration — for about 30 minutes.

“You want to talk about Russia. I want to talk about America,” Conway told Cuomo.

“I know, but there are also reasons why you don’t want to talk about Russia, and I do,” Cuomo responded. “It is my responsibility to cover things that matter to the American people, not just the things that are positive to the president. My job is not to curry favor.”

Like Cuomo, Twitter users weren’t having any of Conway’s smoke and mirrors game.

Here are users’ funniest responses: