11 Things You Need To Ask Yourself Before Sleeping With A Co-Worker

We know it is a terrible idea to shit where you eat, but a huge number of Brits still can’t seem to resist a little bit of workplace self-sabotage.

In fact a study revealed that 1 in 11 of your co-workers are actually having sex at work (yep, right there in your office) and, as HuffPost reported, only 10% of people thought it was a bad idea to hook up with colleagues.

But before you take it any further, you need to ask yourself these 11 things.

1. Are they in a senior position to you?

2. Who would come off worse if people found out?

3. How good are you at blocking out totally inappropriate mental images in meetings?

4. How often do you have to walk past their desk on a daily basis?

5. Do they have a reputation in the office already?

6. How would you react if they criticised your work at a later date?

7. How likely are you to be spotted commuting in together?

8. Will you be able to resist flirting in the office?

9. Are you capable of keeping your cool at the Christmas party?

10. Do they have a partner outside of work?

11. Do they have a direct say in your future employment prospects?