11/07/2017 11:29 AM AEST | Updated 11/07/2017 12:59 PM AEST

This Harry Potter Fan Found Out The Hard Way He Was Reading Fan Fiction

"Does the book even start with Hermione sending Harry a picture of herself in a bikini?"

The Harry Potter series is obviously one of the most iconic and culturally pervasive of our time. So when a Twitter user posted her friend's slightly odd experience with the fifth novel in the series, 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix', people couldn't help but laugh.

After Dudley Dursley dies in his version, our intrepid reader decided to check with Zhang if she remembered those events.

Twitter @shelzhang
"By the rat guy", a Harry Potter reader comes to the harsh realisation that he's been reading fanfic.

Zhang told HuffPost Australia her very confused friend, Chris, works with her on the show China Uncensored, and after she shared a few screencaps of her conversation the tweets started to go viral, quickly raking up thousands of likes and retweets.

It wasn't just Dudley jumping from a building that was different, there are new curses (a harikiri curse that makes you vividly imagine disembowling yourself), Lucius Malfoy apparently tortures his son Draco who is apparently involved with Ginny.

Meanwhile Harry and Hermione are "getting intimate".

Zhang said Chris is planning on reading the actual 'Order of the Phoenix', "but he's a bit afraid he's going to like the 'alternate timeline" version better. He was pretty traumatised by the fanfic, but as we talked about it, he started being impressed by how detailed it was".

Meanwhile, Zhang has no plans on reading the whole fanfic. "I was dying to know what it was," she told Huffpost, "but I'm not sure I'm ready to read the whole thing."

A lot of people on Twitter disagreed there, and were desperate to get their hands on a copy of this truly twisted version of Harry Potter.

Some fanfic fans were pretty sure what Zhang's friend was reading was a two-volume Harry Potter novel called Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent by an author known as Barb, but Zhang has yet to confirm.

Just be careful who you're recommending these books to, you never know WHAT you're going to have to explain.

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