11/07/2017 1:32 PM AEST | Updated 11/07/2017 1:35 PM AEST

Who Is Jayden K. Smith And Why Is Everyone On Facebook Worried About It?

Maybe poor Jayden was just trying to make a few new friends.

Facebook users have received a warning about this guy called Jayden K. Smith, but what does it mean?

Who Is He (... she?) ?

The warning advises people not to accept friend requests from Jayden because he "has the system connected to your Facebook account". The warning also says that if just one of your friends accepts him, he will also gain access to your account. The message ends with very specific instructions about how to copy the message and send it to friends and family. Here it is.

He's got the entire system.

Is Jayden A Real Hacker?

So, let's look into this a little. First of all, Jayden has access to the system, the ENTIRE system of Facebook apparently, which is unlikely. It also says that he'll be able to access you through your friends, which could be plausible. The very specific details at the end of the message seem to make the whole thing a little more genuine, giving everyone the chance to protect themselves from hacking. When this message is compared to other similar messages and warnings however, it is easy to doubt its legitimacy.

While this message is guaranteed to send any protective mother, aunt or grandmother into a tail-spin about their own and their loved ones' cyber safety, many people seem to be doubting if Jayden actually exists.

Some people also seem to think the hysteria surrounding the message is a bit of a farce and have changed their names on Twitter and Facebook to Jayden K. Smith to take part in the hoax.

What Should You Do?

While it is still unclear if Jayden K. Smith is a real hacker, it seems the warning messages, not the actual friend requests, are the scam. First of all, don't accept a friend request from Jayden K. Smith. It's never a good idea to accept friend requests on any form of social media from people you don't already know in your offline life. Second, while this hoax doesn't seem to make much sense, the best thing to do is treat Jayden like any other bully or annoyance and simply ignore him.