13/07/2017 10:55 AM AEST | Updated 13/07/2017 10:55 AM AEST

Australian Tourist Roger Hussey Killed In A Parasailing Accident In Thailand

Local media reports his harness came undone during the flight.

Roger Hussey was on holiday in Thailand with his wife.

Western Australian businessman Roger John Hussey, 71, has fallen to his death after a parasailing accident in Phuket,Thailand.

Local media reports that the man's harness became loose while in the air during the flight on Wednesday, causing him to fall more than 30 metres into the water.

Roger Hussey fell to his death after a parasailing accident in Thailand.

A video of the accident, thought to be shot by Mr. Hussey's wife, was posted to Facebook. The video shows the Australian being strapped into his harness, as well as his take off run, and the fall that led to his death.

Beachgoers attempted to help Hussey, pulling him from the water to the shore, however, he was later pronounced dead in hospital.

The ABC reports that local police have charged the activity operator with reckless driving following the death, while another man is being investigated.

Fairfax Media says that Hussey and his wife were holidaying in Thailand and were due to return to Australia on Friday.