12/07/2017 3:40 PM AEST | Updated 12/07/2017 3:42 PM AEST

Kim Kardashian Shut Down Drug Rumours In The Most Hilarious Way

Ready for a bit of a laugh? Get in line.

Snapchat / Twitter

On Tuesday Kim Kardashian was doing what she does best, posting to social media, when a few nosy fans noticed something funny in the background.

Yep, many believed Kim while promoting her and Kanye's children's wear collection, Kids Supply, there were a few lines of cocaine laying on a table in the background.

Not one to suffer fools, Kim quickly clapped back saying that the substance was OBVIOUSLY candy. No, not the nose kind.

Sadly, Kim's explanation wasn't really winning many over. They were playing with "candy"? Sounds suss.

Even Kim's good mate Chrissy Teigen couldn't resist having a bit of a laugh at the entire situation.

Here's where things get good. When Kim returned to her hotel room later, she actually discovered the whole source of her troubles was just... a marble table.

Turns out, after all that, there wasn't ANYTHING on the table at all, it's just the marble itself. Only Kim could make an entire fashion launch about herself. Truly iconic.

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