14/07/2017 5:02 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2017 6:56 AM AEST

Somehow, Barb From 'Stranger Things' Got An Emmy Nomination

The Emmy nominations came out Thursday, and it was mostly what you’d expect ― your “SNL” nominations, your “Westworld” nominations, a “Veep” nomination here and there. 

But buried deep within the long list of Emmy nominees was one small nod that caught people off guard: Holy crap, Barb got some love?

Well, will you look at that: Shannon Purser, who played the beloved character Barb in “Stranger Things,” got a nomination for “Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly.”

Huh, OK. 

Overall, “Stranger Things” pulls in a very healthy 18 nominations, but the other 17 were placed gently to the side so the internet could collectively shriek for a few minutes about how Barb could have possibly gotten a nomination.

Now, some of the screams were of the positive variety.



But then there were a lot of people who were scratching their heads and wondering how Barb, a solid fictional character but one that was a little less than omnipresent in the show, could get a nomination over, say, Winona Ryder

Anyway, she’s not going to win so none of this really matters.