14/07/2017 2:31 PM AEST | Updated 14/07/2017 2:31 PM AEST

Americans Have Just Discovered 'Embarrassing Bodies' And They're Shook To The Anus

"They really just showed me an entire butthole on TV".

Channel 4 / Twitter

Hello, hopefully you're having a great day but if not, Americans are discovering the TV show 'Embarrassing Bodies' and it's truly spectacular.

The British version of the show was added to American Netflix recently and viewers have been casually checking it out, not realising that the show can at times be super graphic, showing all sorts of medical issues that may be otherwise deemed "embarrassing".

The British version actually inspired an Australian spin-off, 'Embarrassing Bodies Down Under', which included all the glorious shots of boobs, butts, skin tags, haemorrhoids... everything you could ever want to see while you're trying to eat your dinner.

The show isn't just gross-out TV with the doctors actually helping people with a variety of conditions and illnesses that were impairing their lives. There's also a ton of gross-out TV.

For any Aussies looking to relive the gory... we mean glory of the TV show, you can stream the UK version on Foxtel.