Mum 'Dresses' Daughter Up In Food and Flower Gowns As A Bit Of Fun And The Photos Are Brilliant

A mum created optical illusions of her daughter wearing food and flower dresses and the photos turned out brilliantly.

Alya Chaglar, from Turkey, posed her three-year-old daughter, Stefani, behind a triangular-cut watermelon as a bit of fun, and has carried on doing it since.

“It was hot summer day and I tried a watermelon slice as a dress,” Chaglar told ABC News.

“I laughed out loud when I saw her facial expression and the way she posed, so I decided to share that picture on my account. I loved the reaction.”

Next there was the banana dress.

And the broccoli gown.

The lettuce outfit.

And some gorgeous floral creations.

Now we want to have a go.