17/07/2017 9:08 PM AEST | Updated 17/07/2017 9:08 PM AEST

101-Year-Old Runner Breaks 100 Metre Sprint Record

She beat the record by a whopping six seconds.

Age is but a number, and someone who lives by this is 101-year-old great-grandmother Julia 'Hurricane' Hawkins.

Competing in the 2017 USA Track and Field Outdoors Masters Championships, Hawkins broke the over 100-years age group record for the 100 metre sprint by six seconds, completing the race in a speedy 40.12 seconds.

While she set the new record for the Championship, it wasn't her fastest time. In June, at the National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama, Hawkins ran the 100 in 39.62 seconds.

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According to the Championship's Instagram page, Hawkins said she "missed my nap for this," proving even the sport's best need some rest from time to time.

The Washington Post reports that Hawkins has always been an active person. Earlier in life she was an avid cyclist, and only began training for track and field events in 2016. She's also known to enjoy gardening and told The Washington Post that she likes "the feeling of being independent."

Running, cycling and grandmother-ing is how Hawkins spends her time when she's not out breaking records. You can see why they call her the 'Hurricane'.