17/07/2017 10:24 AM AEST | Updated 17/07/2017 10:44 AM AEST

'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Is Here, And This Is How People Are Celebrating

The winter might not be over, but the wait is.

After months of anticipation, the day has finally arrived -- Season 7 of 'Game of Thrones' is here.

Leading up to the season premiere, there have been trailers, predictions, speculation over hidden clues and subtle hints, reflections on past seasons, uncovered Kit Harington audition tapes and even a KFC advertisement.

All the hype, excitement and anticipation is set to come to a head on Monday, and fans all over the globe commenced celebrations in the final hours before the series is set to air. From celebrities, to die-hard 'GoT' lovers, the excitement is building and the winter is well and truly here.

It's not just celebrities who are excited, with people throwing parties and decorating their homes and some of their efforts are pretty spectacular.

Season seven is expected to deliver the wintery, gorey, captivating action like seasons before. The new series is said to include the longest episode in the history of the franchise and will be watched by more than half of all young Australians.

If you're a little late jumping on the 'Game Of Thrones' bandwagon, or are midway through a different season and have desperate want/need to catch-up, check out this four minute re-cap rap of all six previous seasons.

If that's not what you're after, and are terrified of being inundated with spoilers after season seven's first episode, here's a simple Twitter hack to stop you from seeing too much before you're ready.