17/07/2017 11:36 AM AEST | Updated 17/07/2017 1:14 PM AEST

Here's Why Agro Was Wearing A One Nation Hat

No, Agro isn't a Pauline Hanson fan.

Facebook/Rodney Hansen

Over the weekend, you might have seen this image popping up on your social media feeds -- beloved Aussie puppet/icon Agro, host of his own eponymous 'Cartoon Connection' show through the '90s, wearing a One Nation hat and taking a photo with a party candidate in Queensland.

Rodney Hansen is standing for Pauline Hanson's party in the Queensland state seat of Morayfield. On Saturday, Hansen posted a photo on his Facebook page about the local market day in the town of Caboolture, claiming the organisers of the event "do not want One Nation to have a stall there". He uploaded a photo of Agro wearing a One Nation cap, standing in front of a Hansen booth and One Nation posters.

The photo was soon picked up by political watchers on Twitter, surprised that Agro -- whose successful run through the 90s picked up several Logie awards, as 'Cartoon Connection' presented popular kids' shows like 'Sailor Moon', 'G.I. Joe' and 'Sonic the Hedgehog' -- would back a One Nation candidate.

Agro's creator, Jamie Dunn, told HuffPost Australia that the photo was actually taken several months ago and that Agro is definitely not a One Nation supporter.

"He's not running for One Nation, they've already got too many puppets in the ranks," Dunn joked.

"Agro and I were walking around the Caboolture show a couple of months ago and a guy asked if Agro would put his cap on for a photo."

Dunn said Agro had first been asked for a quick photo, then was persuaded to don a party cap. Going back through Hansen's photos on Facebook, the image seems to have first been posted in June.

"It's not an endorsement at all," Dunn said of the photo.

"Agro is very refugee, indigenous, gay and lesbian friendly. I don't think [One Nation] would be interested in him."

Hansen told HuffPost Australia that Dunn and Agro "gladly" got together for some photos.

"Jamie was hosting some events [at the Caboolture show]. He did a walk around the show and spent a lot of time chatting to me," Hansen said.

"Hence the photos that you have seen that I put up now and then with my slogan -- 'don't get Agro - Vote One Nation.' I am not saying Jamie is a One Nation supporter, but he was gracious, interested and took the time to chat to a lot of people at our annual show."

Dunn said Agro has been enjoying something of a nostalgia-fuelled resurgence in recent times, with videos posted to Youtube racking up millions of views. Agro is also the face of a new ad campaign for a car classifieds site.

"When people think of Agro, they get a good feeling. People went to school when he was doing 'Cartoon Connection' and got home when he was doing 'Wombat'," Dunn said.

"There's a warmth to him. Although there might not be for much longer if he keeps wearing One Nation hats," he laughed.

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