17/07/2017 2:58 AM AEST

Male Tennis Fan Dons Skirt To Play Wimbledon Women After Shouting Advice

Wimbledon fans were served a fit of laughter on Friday when a male tennis fan was invited to join an all-female match, but not before squeezing into a white skirt and top.

The women were playing invitation doubles, a more relaxed event, when Belgium’s four-time Grand Slam champion Kim Clijsters began soliciting serving advice from the stadium.

Apparently not one to hold back, the man, since identified by the Irish Independent as Chris Quinn who is the captain of a tennis club near Dublin, called down that Clijsters should perform a body serve, which is when a player hits the ball into their opponent’s body.

Kim Clijsters helps the man squeeze into a white skirt.

“You said body?” she asked dumbstruck before pointing to her opponent’s place and while laughing suggested: “Why don’t you go there?”

To the stadium’s applause, the father of three enthusiastically climbed out of the stands and accepted a racquet. Because his Green Lantern T-shirt and shorts were in clear violation of the event’s strict all-white dress code, Clijsters retrieved a white skirt from her bag and helped him slip it over his shorts.

Quinn ended up doing better than many may have expected, with him managing to return her serve during his first try.

He later expressed his appreciation to Clijsters on Twitter, while sharing that his daughters are big fans of hers.