21 Minimalist Kitchen Ideas To Lust After

Must. Have. Them. All.

There's something deeply satisfying about looking at other people's pretty kitchens. Maybe it's because many of us are limited to renting and the only things we can change are our kettle and toaster. Or perhaps it's simply because we're just a bit pervy.

One prevailing kitchen trend (and overall home and lifestyle trend, really) is the "less is more" approach -- AKA minimalism.

Rather than crowded counter tops and loud colours, minimalist kitchens are all about clean tones and spaces, using seamless storage to hide any extras. The colour palette is typically white, grey, wood and black, but there's always room for accents by way of houseplants, copper pipe and fittings, or rustic bench tops.

Here are 21 beautiful minimalist kitchen ideas. Some of these are super minimal, while others have an urban chic vibe.