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'Husband Storage Pods' Save Unwilling Partners From Dreaded Shopping Trips

The change room waiting chair gets a face lift.

Disgruntled partners and guilt-stricken shopoholics could finally have a solution to the tension that comes with a coupley shopping venture.

Global Harbor Mall in Shanghai, China, has introduced glass 'husband storage pods' that are purpose built for people who would rather wait for their partners to shop, than follow them around from store to store.

While this probably assumes all women love shopping and all men hate it, the concept does offer those who have been unwillingly dragged to a shopping centre by a partner a bit of an out.

According to The Paper, each pod is equipped with an arm chair and gaming console, as well as a game pad and a computer monitor. Reports also say that the games available in the pods are retro '90s classics like 'Robo Cop' and 'Tekken 3'.

There are many positives to such an invention. The shoppers are able to peruse possible purchases without guilt, while the less enthusiastic ones can escape the frustration of following their partners around on what could seem like an endless escapade through clothing racks and changing rooms.

Finally a solution to a resistant partner who hates shopping right? Well, they could just stay at home and not venture to the mall in the first place, but that would just be too obvious.

The idea of 'storing' your partner somewhere while you shop is all kinds of bizarre, but it seems that some people actually like the idea.

While most men who tried the pods told The Paper that they enjoyed the experience, a few suggested some improvements. The main comment was the need for air conditioning, as playing games in all-glass confines proved to be a sweaty experience.

The pods are currently in their trial stage and are free of charge, however, this is likely to change to a paid service should these partner shopping centre sanctuaries become a permanent fixture.


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