19/07/2017 1:17 PM AEST | Updated 19/07/2017 1:17 PM AEST

Think This Is Just A Picture Of A Missile Launch? Think Again

"Judging by the replies I would say our concerns are elsewhere."

Most people will look at this image and think "oh look, a missile", others will see something much more ... disturbing.

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It can't be unseen.

Be honest, did you see an ejaculating squirrel? It's alright if you did -- a few people have pointed out that this image, which featured in a tweet by MSNBC on Wednesday morning, looked more like a rodent engaged in a moment of self-pleasure than a missile test.

Indeed, despite the photo accompanying a story that revealed 76 percent of Americans fear that the U.S. will engage in a major war within the next four years -- with North Korea labelled an "urgent threat" -- many readers had other things on their minds.

Giphy / National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

"The more I stare at it, the more detailed the image of the squirrel becomes," one user wrote.

"Judging by the replies I would say our concerns are elsewhere," wrote another.

While it would bring great pleasure (although, it probably wouldn't come close to what that squirrel would be feeling) to say that this image was just a one-off, there's more than one.

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Up, up and away.