20/07/2017 1:28 AM AEST | Updated 20/07/2017 1:40 AM AEST

Guy Dumps Girl, Says He 'Hates' Her Dog, Provokes Twitter's Wrath

Time to engage an emergency meeting of the 'Very Good Boy' Committee.

Breakups can be vicious. Things get said, feelings get hurt and sometimes belongings even get broken during the volcanic eruption of anger and emotion that is the brutal falling apart of a relationship.

Regardless, no matter the rawness of those emotions, some things are off limits. Criticising our ex's friends? Go for broke. Their clothes? Knock yourself out. Their music taste? Get stuck in. Their beloved fur-children, however, are off bounds. Like, so off bounds. It's an unwritten rule. Well, it is among animal-lovers anyway.

So when one dog-parent shared that when her boyfriend dumped her, he (very unnecessarily) put salt in the festering wound of heartache by adding that he hated her dog. Seriously.

Tweeting through her twitter handle @TheDreamGhoul, she shared a photo of her adorable-looking doggo, Freddy.

Dumps her AND says he "hates" her dog? Really? Who does that? Fortunately, Twitter had Freddy's back and quickly organised to collectively and very strongly assert that Freddy was a Good Boy.

Other people enlisted the assistance of their own Very Good Dogs to show solidarity with Freddy and his human.

However, despite the nastiness of daring to imply that Very Good Boy Freddy was, in fact, not a Very Good Boy, Dream Ghoul (aka Freddy's human) added that her ex-boyfriend expressing his hatred for her German-pointer-cross-Australian-shepherd helped give her clarity.

As for Freddy, despite his ordeal of having his Very Good Boy-ness questioned, he appeared to be doing just fine.

Thank goodness for that.