20/07/2017 9:27 PM AEST | Updated 20/07/2017 9:27 PM AEST

Here Are The Best Videos From NASA's Huge Hoard Of Archival Footage

Over 70-years-worth of aircraft test footage has been squirreled away by NASA. Until now.

All things space and intergalactic are a mystery to a lot of us, but now we could all get a little closer to understanding a bit more about the world of NASA.

In recent weeks, NASA has begun uploading hundreds of archival videos from their Armstrong Flight Research Centre in California to their Youtube channel and that means that anyone with the internet can take a look.

The footage covers over 70 years of NASA tests and gives everyone the chance to explore the strange planes and intricate technology that NASA has dealt with for years.

A lot of the footage includes planes taking off and landing, as well as videos of aircrafts flying during in-air testing. The videos are an excellent and interesting insight into the experimental workings of the world's leading researcher in aerospace exploration.

So far, NASA has uploaded around 300 videos to Youtube, and more are expected to appear in the coming weeks. To save you searching though, here are some of the best.

This first one was shot in 2004, and shows the Pegasus / X-43A stack being dropped from NASA's B-52 in a test that took place over the Pacific Ocean.

This video from May 2001 shows the lift off and release of the X-40A space maneuvering vehicle.

This is footage is from the 1970s and shows a C-5A aircraft undergoing a wing vortices test, which looks extra cool with all the swirls of colour.

And here's one of a KC-135 Stratortanker undergoing a winglet test in the 1970s. The test was conducted over the California's Mojave Desert.

This one's from 1967 and shows an M2-F2 test flight with the lifting body experiencing left to right lateral oscillations. The in-cabin footage adds the pilot's perspective into the mix.