20/07/2017 2:06 AM AEST

Tiny Seal Pup Found Tangled In Fishing Net Saved In Heartwarming Rescue

Lobstermen for the win!

An adorable seal pup has two lobstermen to thank for its life after being was found tangled in some fishing gear off the coast of Maine last week.

A now viral video capturing the heartwarming rescue shows Jeremy Willey carefully cutting the rope bundling around the pup’s face after his friend Jeffrey Door pulled the seal from the water, local Portland station WMTW reported.

The pair was fishing near Owls Head, Maine on Friday when they said they came across the little creature in distress.

“I immediately got on my knees and straddled the seal pup, and started cutting the net away and Jeff was like I got to get this on film,” Willey told WGME.

An adorable seal pup was filmed being cut free from a fishing net before dropped back into the water.

As he cuts away at the net, the restless pup occasionally gives a little cry, though the men said it didn’t appear injured.

“He’s relaxing a little every time I cut around his neck,” Willey’s heard saying in the video posted to Facebook on Sunday.

After a couple minutes of sawing away at the rope, the freed seal is lifted over the edge of the boat and — after a little massaging around its neck — is gently dropped in the water.

“You’re welcome!” one of the men calls down at the seal as it looks around on the water’s surface.

As a parting gift, the men told WMTW that they threw a couple fish in the water as a snack.