19/07/2017 7:21 PM AEST | Updated 19/07/2017 9:58 PM AEST

People Reveal The Strangest Compliments They've Ever Received

People on Reddit have been revealing the strangest compliments they’ve ever received and it seems we could all do with a lesson in how to praise others.

From bizarre compliments on their appearances to people pointing out how they smell, here’s what they had to say.

amazingmikael via Getty Images

“Multiple times I have been told I have nice knees.”



“You have the face I make on The Sims.”



“The first compliment I ever received from a girl was ‘wow, you have news anchor eyebrows’.”


″‘You’re the most normal IT guy we’ve ever had.’ This came from the HR manager at a marketing company I worked at. What’s funny is that I was a software developer, but the company lumped all the ‘computer people’ together and just called us ‘IT guys’.”


“You look like a meerkat. In a good way.”



“Two guys were smoking outside of a restaurant as I was leaving with my daughter. One of the guys gestures to my daughter and said to the other guy, ‘that’s what your kid would look like if your wife was pretty’.”



″‘You’re like the scarecrow.’ This kid I taught in preschool said this about me on our last day of school. Later his mum told me he said this because he was going to miss me the most of all, like Dorothy missed the scarecrow in the ‘Wizard of Oz.’”



“As a guy, I’ve had an abnormal amount of both men and women describe me as pretty. Which I guess is a good thing.”



“You have a huge head but it’s not ugly. It looks nice.”



“You’re not beautiful, but you can fake it perfectly.”



“You’re someone I’d want to see right before I die.″


″‘Your legs go all the way up to your ass!’ No shit, Sherlock!”


″‘You always smell like fresh laundry’. Thanks? Is this attractive? Are you looking for a woman that knows how to do laundry? It wouldn’t bother me this much except I’ve been told this by four different guys and a few girls.”