20/07/2017 2:54 AM AEST

This Corn On The Cob Hack Has People Feeling SHUCK

Believe us, you're gonna want to ear this.

Corn on the cob is a messy food to eat ― there’s the dripping butter, the scalding hot kernels, the unwieldy shape of the thing. 

But a new hack has been circling the web that portends to change the corn-chomping game.

A Japanese Twitter user tweeted out the hack last month and it subsequently went super viral. The hack is such: Remove a row of kernels, place your thumb over an adjacent row of kernels, and push toward the empty space. The corn will lift off the cob, as seen in the below tweet and the above video:

People seem to be responding to the hack positively, with many saying they can’t wait to try it for themselves:

“I’ll do it!”

“What a big deal (‘-’)”

“Next time I’ll try!”

Now, we appreciate a good hack ― especially when it comes to corn. Heck, when we found out corn can be cooked just as easily in a microwave as it can in a boiling pot of water, we were salty we hadn’t figured that out earlier.

However ... we’re not so sure we can get on board with this hack. Sure, it seems like a fantastic idea in theory. But think about how hot corn gets when you cook it. Also, we love playing with our food from time to time, but is groping your corn before you eat it a thing you really want to do mid-BBQ?

All that said, it’s probably best to dress your corn AFTER you hack it up so you don’t get butter fingers. Literally. Also, it’s probably best to do it when the corn is on the cooler side. No one wants a nice heaping helping of corn with a side of third degree burns.

(h/t BuzzFeed)

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