20/07/2017 4:11 AM AEST

Feminists Serenade Mike Pence With Depressingly Honest Love Song

If you’re wondering whether Vice President Mike Pence would be a better president than our current one, you’re not the only one. 

Dominique Salerno and Laura Hankin, the duo behind feminist comedy group Feminarchy, know that Pence would be a better president than Donald Trump. There would just be some, err, huge downsides. On Tuesday, the duo published a new sketch titled “A Desperate Sexy Song For Mike Pence” and we’ve never related more to anything ... ever. 

The sketch is a parody music video (think of Britney Spears in the early 2000s) where Salerno and Hankin ask Pence to take over the government knowing full well that Pence would basically turn the country into a scene out of “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

“Mike Pence, would you save us from nuclear war?” the two sing in the video. “Mike Pence, you’d be awful for ladies and gays. Mike Pence, but you might not usher in the end of days.”

The duo makes an important point in the video, singing that while Pence’s “Christian principles contain a lot of hatred,” it’s OK because at least his advisers won’t include Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner

“We’ll never get a seat at your table, you won’t eat with a woman who’s not your wife,” they sing. “But at least there will still be tables, and sentient human life.”

Hankin and Salerno told HuffPost that "sheer terror" is what inspired them to create the hilarious music video.

"We've been spending a lot of time lately wondering what's going to happen to our country," Hankin said. "One day, we'll read an article about how Trump needs to be impeached before he starts a nuclear war. The next, we'll read one about how impeaching Trump would be a horrible idea, because Pence would spend less time sitting in firetrucks, and more time pursuing his anti-women agenda. Basically, we're very confused and worried that our rights are going to be taken away, so what better way to sort through our feelings than by unleashing our inner Britney Spears?"

Unleashing your inner Britney is never a bad thing, ladies.