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Plane Passenger Turns Woman's Blissful Flight Into 'The Set Of A Nightmare'

Twitter user Jessie Char’s flight home to San Francisco began so promisingly.

Shortly after boarding a JetBlue airplane at Long Beach Airport in California on Tuesday, she tweeted her joy at having an entire row of seats to herself for the journey of around 90 minutes:

But as the 30-year-old consultant’s subsequent tweets show, her blissful state did not last for long.

Shortly after take-off, a foot “slowly emerged like a lizard hatching from an egg and seeing its first light of day” onto one of the armrests on her row. A second foot soon followed, she told Mashable.

Char’s nightmare wasn’t even close to being over, however. She explained in further tweets how the left foot then “reached over and opened a window” blind:

By the time Char had attracted the attention of a flight attendant, the feet disappeared.

Char told TODAY that she reacted “with some combination of disgust and amazement.”

As did dozens of stunned Twitter users:

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