21/07/2017 3:28 PM AEST | Updated 21/07/2017 3:33 PM AEST

Firefighters Resuscitate Dog After Rescuing It From A Fire

Jack's condition has significantly improved after receiving extensive oxygen therapy

Dramatic footage has been uploaded to Facebook showing firefighters resuscitating a dog named Jack after pulling him from a burning house in Bakersfield, California.

In a post on Facebook, Bakersfield Fire Department said that the dog was "pulled from the interior unresponsive, with semi-agonal respirations".

While his owner -- who safely evacuated the house -- looked on, firefighters could be seen reviving the small dog using a specialised oxygen mask for pets.

"We administered oxygen via a pet O2 mask that was generously donated by a couple of Girl Scouts last year," Battalion Chief John Frando said.

The fire department gave an update on Jack's condition on Friday and said that despite suffering "some respiratory tract injuries and burns to his feet", his condition had significantly improved.