Parrot Puts Rude Cat Back In Its Box

How we all wish we could deal with rude people.

We've all experienced shock, frustration or bewilderment when someone is openly rude.

If any of us were the parrot in this situation, we too would perhaps not take very kindly to being swiped or scratched on the face.

While most of us would sit around in hindsight, and plot things we could've said or done to let the cat know how offensive his actions were, this parrot had other ideas.

When the parrot had enough rude behaviour from his feline counterpart, he simply flipped the lid closed on the cat's box and stood back triumphantly, wearing a cheeky grin, as to admire his efforts.

This has got to be the most satisfying way to deal with a rude individual, and it saw this naughty little cat put back in his box.