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Red-Head Sperm Donors Sought After, Co-Parenting Website Reveals

A co-parenting website has put out an urgent call for ginger sperm donors.

Co-ParentMatch, a website that puts women wanting to become parents in touch with sperm donors, revealed that after analysing their statistics, the lack of ginger donors "really stood out".

"We looked at our search results and found that lots of women were typing in 'ginger sperm donors' and 'red hair sperm donors' so clearly there is a demand," Jenny Kearns, from told HuffPost UK.

"Yet only 2 percent of our donors have red hair."

The website shared the plea on Facebook explaining that their female members were looking for ginger donors.

They used the hashtag #SaveGingers and gave details on how to sign up.

They also gave reasons for men to donate their sperm, including making a "positive contribution to someone's happiness" and "leaving a legacy".

People started tagging their redheaded friends on the Facebook post.

"The most common hair colour [of our donors] is brown," Kearns added.

"We are actively recruiting ginger donors and have a high demand for them.

"Our donor hair colour stats are: Black: 26 percent, grey: 1 percent, brown: 53 percent, blonde: 14 percent, mixed: 3 percent, red: 2 percent and bald: 1 percent."

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