These Are The Most Annoying Things Passengers Do On Planes

Earlier this week the internet was outraged after a woman did something totally inappropriate with her feet on a plane, but it seems she isn't the only inconsiderate passenger out there.

Seven out of 10 people (69%) sometimes find other passengers inconsiderate when travelling on a flight, a 'Good Morning Britain' survey has found.

The survey of 2,000 adults also found that 11% of people always find someone inconsiderate when flying.

The researchers asked participants to identify what they considered to be inconsiderate behaviour.

The majority of people (78%) said children kicking the back of their seat or being out of control on a plane was inconsiderate.

Over half (54%) said they thought hogging the armrest was inconsiderate.

Over two thirds (65%) said they thought it was rude to recline your seat on a plane.

However, only 30% of people said they would pay extra to stop the person in front of them reclining their seat.

A third of people (32%) said standing up as soon as the seatbelt sign is turned off after landing, or even just before, was inconsiderate.

Around two in five (42%) said constant latching and unlatching of the tray on the back of your seat was inconsiderate.

As for their own inconsiderate behaviour, 21% of people surveyed said they had taken their shoes and socks off on a flight and 4% admitted asking a fellow passenger for their leftover food.

You're all outrageous people.

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