25/07/2017 10:31 AM AEST | Updated 25/07/2017 10:47 AM AEST

The 'MasterChef' Finale Came Down To A Single Point

And so much ice cream.

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The 'MasterChef Australia' finale aired on Monday, crowning 2017's champion of the kitchen in a nail-biter of a finish that saw finalists Diana Chan and Ben Ungermann separated by a single point.

Ultimately Chan came out on top, with a total score of 90 points, taking the cash prize of $250,000 which will likely help catapult her toward achieving her food dream.

"This experience is something money cannot buy and I cherish every second of it," Chan said. "I would like to give special thanks to the judges. Gary, George, Matt and Shannon have been incredible mentors and are so nurturing. I cannot thank them enough."

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The mighty MasterChef judges, George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston, ahead of Monday's grand finale.

While Chan's food dream has always been a restaurant focusing on "fresh and casual" food and fusion flavours, she also has seen 'MasterChef' as an opportunity to broaden appreciation for Malaysian cuisine.

"I have had an incredible opportunity to boost tourism in my home country, Malaysia," she said. "I would love to work with kids and teach them about the provenance of food."

While the finale looked to be in Chan's hands in the beginning, her competitor Ungermann surged ahead in the final round catching up with Chan's score in the first two rounds, but ultimately it wasn't enough to edge her out of the competition.

Despite a deep cut to the finger, Ungermann was able to plate up two rounds of ice cream, which seemed to cause quite the stir with viewers at home.

The final round saw the pair attempting to recreate "Queen of Chocolate" Kirsten Tibballs' Trio of Fruits. What innocently looked like an apple, pear and mandarin actually turned out to be impeccably detailed chocolate desserts.

While Ungermann scored a 35 in the final round against Chan's 33, her strong lead in the first two rounds saw her win by just a single point.

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Winner winner, three course dinner. Diana Chan takes home the grand prize of 'MasterChef Australia' 2017.