This Is What Happens When Dogs Discover Toilet Paper

No good doggo awards here.

While we'd like to think that all doggos are good doggos, even the best behaved ones have an interlude with naughtiness every now and then.

Toilet paper and dogs are one of the many classic naughty dog combinations. They'll get hold of the toilet paper and rip it up, unroll it through the house into the one long strip, or sit and eat it contentedly. No matter how adorable their little faces are when they get caught out, and how sorry they seem when they look up at you with guilty eyes, the clean-up following a toilet paper tirade is never fun for anybody.

So why are doggos so attracted to toilet paper?

Well, no one really knows, but, there have been a few theories as to why this could be the case. Tonya Wilhelm was named one of the top ten dog trainers in the U.S. in 2015, and she suggests on The Pet Professional Guild website five possible reasons why dogs are so obsessed with toilet paper.

These range from the dog being bored, to seeking attention, and the fact that they might actually like the taste of it. Wilhelm also says that the doggo might just be looking to have a little bit of fun, which of course, is highly likely.

Regardless of their reasoning, these cunning canines won't be getting any good dog treats after the mess they've created. They're super cute and super naughty all at the same time, but how could you not love them?

Get someone who looks at you the way my dog looks at the toilet paper rolls she destroys

— Riah. (@rye_bread16) July 2, 2017