25/07/2017 2:07 PM AEST | Updated 25/07/2017 2:12 PM AEST

DC Are Going To Digitally Remove Henry Cavill's Mustache In 'Justice League'

Superman can come back from the dead but he can't have a sick 'mo?

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They may have released a huge, explosive trailer at Comic Con but the crew behind 'Justice League' are facing a very difficult problem: Henry Cavill's mustache.

Moustache Pro Tip #76: Play lots of cards. You have a built-in poker face. #Trustache #MI6

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Yep, the dapper last son of Krypton has grown a mustache for his upcoming role in 'Mission Impossible 6', and according to a report in 'Variety', the studio behind 'MI6' are refusing to let Cavill shave the 'mo.

The problem lies in the fact that Cavill is having to do reshoots for 'Justice League', with Joss Whedon behind the scenes working on building up the dialogue of the film. The schedule clash means that DC have apparently had to agree to digitally remove Superman's super 'stache.

Yep, they're going to CGI Superman's mustache out of the movie.

Just to be clear, we're 100 percent team SuperStache. There's even been fanart created to celebrate Cavill's lustrous upper-lipholstery.

Also, it wouldn't be the first time Superman donned the handlebars.

Sadly, when the 'Justice League' blasts into cinemas, Superman's face will be clean shaven... digitally of course.