25/07/2017 10:37 PM AEST | Updated 26/07/2017 12:11 AM AEST

Pantone Tea Chart Divides Nation On What Does (And Doesn't) Make A Good Cuppa

Brits are furiously debating what colour a cup of tea should be, all thanks to a viral Pantone tea chart.

Twitter account @YorkshireProbs asked people to choose their ideal shade of tea using the chart, with complete uncertainty surrounding how the nation would react (after all, wars were started over less).

The British public couldn’t quite agree on a perfect colour, however they’ve all come to an agreement on one thing: milky tea is the devil.

The Pantone chart, which had been shared almost 200 times at the time of writing, started with A1 - a black tea with no milk - and progressed to D4, which was essentially just a cup of milk. 

Reactions to the chart ranged from intrigue to pure outrage that D4 was even classified as tea. 

A few folks agreed that going without milk is best.

While most sat somewhere in the middle - with a medium to light brown beverage proving perfect.

The general consensus was that pouring in too much milk is grounds for deportation. 

Time for a cuppa.