27/07/2017 12:24 PM AEST | Updated 27/07/2017 12:24 PM AEST

Shocking Footage Shows Horrific Moment Fair Ride Malfunctions, Leaving 1 Dead

Video of the horrific accident shows a part of the ride coming loose, sending passengers into the air.

WARNING: Footage may distress some viewers.

One person was killed and at least seven others injured when a ride malfunctioned Wednesday night at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus.

The accident occurred at 7:19 p.m. local time on a ride known as "Fireball," according to local news station WKBW.

As seen in a bystander's video, a part of the mechanical ride came loose as the fast-moving ride swung, sending a carriage of passengers flying into the air.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich ordered all rides at the fair shut down until each one is inspected.

Warning: The video below is graphic.

"I am terribly saddened by this accident, by the loss of life and that people were injured enjoying Ohio's fair," Kasich said in a statement tweeted after the incident.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to those grieving and injured. I have ordered a full investigation into this incident and have ordered that all fair rides be shut down until additional safety inspections can be completed."