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14 Things To Remember Before You Have Sex With Your Ex

You’ve been through a breakup and you are struggling to move on with the knowledge you will never see your ex-partner again.

So in your infinite wisdom you’ve decided that maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get back into their bed - a no-strings attached situation, that gives you physical satisfaction but without having to argue about who didn’t wash the dishes. Right?

Not quite. It never works out quite like that so here are 14 things to remember before you have sex with your ex.

1. You broke up for a reason.

2. You are not going to move on while sat on top of them.

3. You need to set your personal expectations right from the start.

4. You should not be trying to keep this secret from your friends.

5. You do have other options for casual sex.

6. You probably will get emotionally attached.

7. You won’t be able to judge your friends for shagging randoms.

8. You should not try to find out who else they are sleeping with.

9. You should have the condom conversation like sensible adults.

10. You should keep the pillow talk to weather and work chat.

11. You are not obligated to stay for breakfast.

12. You should never find yourself in their parents’ house.

13. You will miraculously forget all your fights when they’re giving you an orgasm.

14. You can always masturbate.

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