28/07/2017 7:23 PM AEST | Updated 29/07/2017 12:19 AM AEST

Ferrari 430 Scuderia Crash: £260,000 Supercar Destroyed Just An Hour After Owner Picked It Up

The owner of a £260,000 Ferrari has walked away with just cuts and bruises after totalling the car just an hour after picking it up.

The high-performance Ferrari 430 Scuderia was reduced to a twisted wreck following the prang on the M1 near junction 37 in South Yorkshire on Thursday afternoon.

South Yorkshire Police said on Twitter the driver lost control before the car - which is capable of 0-60mph in just 3.6 seconds - “went airborne and burst into flames” in the wet conditions. 

The smouldering scene beside the M1 near Barnsley, South Yorkshire on Thursday afternoon 

It hurtled 50 metres down a bank and ended up in a field, where it caught fire and had to be extinguished by firefighters.

In a statement on Facebook police added: “Officers asked the driver what sort of car he ‘had’ to which he replied ‘It was a Ferrari’.

The car left the road in wet conditions and slid across a field before bursting into flames 

“Demonstrating a sense of damaged pride he then said ‘I’ve only just got it, picked it up an hour ago’.”

They added: “Over the past couple of weeks there has been a number of collisions where driving styles have not reflected the road and weather conditions. Please take more care!”

The Ferrari 430 Scuderia (which means ‘stable’) has a top speed of 198mph and was unveiled by Michael Schumacher at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. 

A non-totalled Ferrari 430 Scuderia