30/07/2017 5:01 PM AEST | Updated 30/07/2017 5:01 PM AEST

Sydney Faces Hottest July Day On Record

Beach, anyone?

hadynyah via Getty Images
Sydney faces the hottest July day in 27 years.

How is your winter going, Sydney?

On Sunday, Sydney temperatures set a new July record, climbing to 26.5 degrees just after 2 o'clock, surpassing the former highest recorded July temperature of 25.9 degrees and officially reaching the same temperature as the January average.

Wait, what? That's right -- Sunday temperatures in Sydney surpassed 26 degrees, the mean temperature for the city in the middle of summer.

Jumpers off, swimwear on!

Bureau of Meteorology
I'm feeling hot, hot hot!

According to the Bureau of Meteorology however, Sydney's summer-style temperatures are going to be short lived.

Monday temps are set to drop by 8 degrees, to a mild 18 degrees (which, we might add, is still higher than the average for Sydney in July) with showers forecast.

Luckily, many Sydneysiders made the most of the warm weather.

For those of you who missed it, don't worry, summer is only 124 days away.

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