30/07/2017 4:29 PM AEST | Updated 30/07/2017 4:29 PM AEST

'The Emoji Movie' Has A 0 Percent Rating On Rotten Tomatoes So Far

The reviews are in, and critics say "The Emoji Movie" is "a force of insidious evil," a "garbage fire" and "one of the darkest, most dismaying films I have ever seen." It is "self-evidently soulless," a "soul-crushing disaster," a "travesty, a witless wonder" and "nakedly idiotic." It is "dumb, flat, goofy, and obvious, and maybe a tad corrupt."

The plot is "laboriously literal," "more than a bit lazy" and "entirely predictable despite making absolutely no sense." Its characters are "exceedingly boring," so much so that this could be "T.J. Miller's ticket to oblivion."

"The only thing worse than the dialogue" ― which is "braindead" ― "is the absurd product placement."

The film is "exactly what its posters would lead you to believe it is: an animated narrative film about emoji." But make no mistake: "Children should not be allowed to watch 'The Emoji Movie'" because "'The Emoji Movie' is 'Inside Out' crossed with a Sony commercial and dunked in toxic ooze" and a "callous cash grab that fully understands what a parent circa 2017 needs to keep the kids contained."

It "lacks humor, wit, ideas, visual style, compelling performances, a point of view or any other distinguishing characteristic," including "logic, or anything remotely close to heart." In fact, the film's" "utter awfulness," "pervasive falseness" and "sloppily tied knot of faux-inspirational morals" make it "less of a movie and more of an insult."

"As creatively bankrupt a picture as can be," "this is nothing but shameless pandering to a demographic that really doesn't know better."

"A viewer leaves The Emoji Movie a colder person," and "giving money to a movie like this is only going to encourage more like it."

"Make no mistake, 'The Emoji Movie' is very, very, very bad." And it has received a score of 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, too.

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