This Is The Most Common Job Among Women Who Cheat

Looks like the show "Desperate Housewives" has some truth behind it. According to a new study, women who are housewives are more likely to cheat on their partners.

Illicit Encounters, a popular U.K. dating site for married people, conducted the research and looked at over 10,000 profiles to determine which character traits and jobs were the most common among men and women who cheated.

Twenty per cent of women identified themselves as homemakers, making the occupation the most common among unfaithful wives. However, the research also revealed that the reason behind their infidelity is likely due to feelings of neglect.

According to the study, 30 per cent of women described themselves as "lonely," and 27 per cent described themselves as "virile," implying they had a strong, but idle sex drive, Indy100 reports.

According to the study, 30 per cent of women also described themselves as 'lonely.'

As for men, the survey revealed that those who are tall, smart, and rich are the most likely to be unfaithful because their cheating is driven by ego and lust, as opposed to loneliness.

It's interesting to note that 40 per cent of the site's male users were six feet or taller. While it might seem odd to correlate height with infidelity, a tall stance could play into the male ego, which is a factor in why they cheat.

Christian Grant, a spokesman for Illicit Encounters, told, "Our results show that men have a tough time suppressing their ego. Tall, affluent, smart — these men have it all... or at least, they think they can have it all. They want to have their cake and eat it too, and that includes having as many relationships as they see fit."

Grant noted that this is very different from women who are not driven by their ego, but instead by "a sense of loneliness, thanks to a lack of satisfaction in her marriage."

"This loneliness is further compounded for housewives, who potentially spend hours alone, only to further be neglected when their husbands come home," he said.

Earlier this year, Victoria Milan, another dating site for married people, conducted their own study to find out which age women were most likely to cheat. According to their research, the average woman marries at age 29 and cheats at age 36.6.

This makes sense considering it's common for passion to fade after the first few years of marriage, however, men should be careful not to neglect their wives, who may be drawn to cheating as a result, according to the Illicit Encounters study.

Plus, you know what they say: happy wife, happy life.