01/08/2017 11:52 PM AEST

14 Issues Everyone Has Had When Sharing A Bed

Sharing a bed with another human being should be a bonding experience that brings you closer together, but anyone who has ever actually done this IRL will know it isn’t always the case.

Not only have you now got half the space you normally have all to yourself (hello starfish pose) but you have to tolerate their snoring when you need your eight hour’s beauty sleep.

Here are 14 issues everyone has had when sharing a bed.

1. Wanting space and a hug simultaneously.

2. Experiencing a rollercoaster of body temperatures.

3. Feeling comfortable for two minutes and then getting unholy levels of claustrophobia.

4. Becoming someone else’s personal pillow in lieu of an actual pillow.

5. Worrying you have lost circulation in your extremities because they’re lying on you. 

6. Clinging on to the edge of the mattress because personal space is a mystery.

7. Fighting to keep the duvet on you so you don’t freeze in the night.

8. Tolerating their weird bedtime routine and knowing they do the same for you.

9. Trying to make sense of the things they tell you in their sleep.

10. Struggling to keep your hands to yourself when there is another body nearby.

11. Being unable to resist having sex even though you need to be up in five hours.

12. Being unable to finish a conversation before one of you falls asleep.

13. Having to wake up when the other person’s alarm clock goes off.

14. Pretending you wouldn’t much rather send them to sleep on the sofa.