02/08/2017 12:44 AM AEST

Mugaritz, One Of The World's Best Restaurants, Is Now Serving Moldy Apples


One of the best restaurants in the world, Mugaritz (located in Spain), has just added moldy apples to its menu.

Diners can always expect creative menu choices at restaurants that specialize in modernist food, but this is beyond unexpected.

The dish is called Noble Rot. A Mugaritz spokesperson told Eater that the “dish explores the history of botrytis, the fungus also known as ‘noble rot,’ which infested wine grapes all over Europe.”

Apparently this fungus gave the grapes a special flavor and actually increased their sugar concentration. Wine made with noble rot grapes is known as botrytized wine and it’s more common than you might think.

The apple at Mugaritz is accompanied by four glasses of wine, from the four countries that make botrytized wine: France, Germany, Austria and Hungary. 

The dish has received mixed reviews. One trip advisor reviewer said, “From raw asparagus to a ‘rotten’ apple, infected by two different cheese molds, it was all amazing!“ And another said, “Save yourself a lot of time and money by giving Murgaritz and its rotten apple, so rotten we add a dust of penicillin (I’m not kidding) a wide berth.”

For the record, rotten apple might be one of its strangest menu choices, but the restaurant is known for its bold experimentation. Take a look at some of the other dishes the restaurant has served.

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