01/08/2017 2:35 PM AEST | Updated 01/08/2017 2:36 PM AEST

This Exercise Bike Uses Pedal Power To Play A Netflix Episode

No sweat, no show.

Ever felt guilty for sitting for hours bingeing on the latest Netflix drama when you really should be out seeing people or exercising?

Well, this snazzy new invention could be the key to guilt-free flix fun.

It's called Cycflix and how it works is pretty simple. Ride the bike and the episode or movie plays, stop riding and so too will your show.

Essentially, Cycflix creator Ronan Byrne used an Audrino -- a prototyping platform that helps make interactive electronic objects-- to control the playing of a Netflix episode through the movement of cycling. So the Audrino knows when you are cycling and when you are not, and therefore, when to play the show.

Joe Belanger
Put down that remote and get riding.

If your video stops, it will only restart when the cycling motion resumes or when you pick up the pace to match your target speed.

The technology also allows the rider to enter the length of exercise, the amount of sets and the length of rest breaks in between. So, gone are the days of boring workouts or guilt-filled TV sessions, because this invention combines the two in a way novel enough that it might entice people to try it.

It really is a case of no sweat, no show.