02/08/2017 2:00 PM AEST | Updated 02/08/2017 2:01 PM AEST

Ben From London Made A First Date PowerPoint And Got Dumped Immediately

Why wouldn't you date someone with that kind of humour and dedication?

Working out where to go on a first date is not the easiest of tasks, especially when you hardly know the person.

Now, say you met someone you wanted to date, how would you go about making plans for that all important first meeting?

Have a quick Google search? Revert to past experience and go somewhere you've been before? Pick a date with an activity, so there is no awkwardness? Or go for the obvious option and send the person a Powerpoint, complete with pictures and dot points, detailing all the possible options for the date.

Well, when Ben Velzian from London sent potential date Tom a fully-fledged Powerpoint with outing options, he was abruptly deleted from Whatsapp without a reply.

The actual ideas Ben put forward were pretty good, and after reading some of them through, a date with him sounds like something many of us would be happy to commit to.

Yes, splendid indeed Ben and plenty of other people seemed to think so as well.

Ben seems to think he dodged a bullet and he's not wrong. A sense of humour, dedication and organisational skills are all must-haves in a relationship.