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Easy Crepe Cake Recipe With Choc-Hazelnut Frosting

Perfect for any birthday or dinner party. Or breakfast.

If you're like most people, crepe time means filling each crepe with whatever you fancy (ahem, chocolate hazelnut spread, or lemon and sugar), rolling that delicious thing up, and inhaling it.

Well, what if you layered those crepes on top of one another -- filling each layer with hazelnut chocolate frosting -- built the crepes high, and topped with berries and extra chocolate. You've just made a crepe cake.

While it does take a little while to make the crepes, allow them to cool and build the cake, the process is easy and the result is a beautiful, rich no-bake dessert fit for any dinner or birthday party. Or breakfast, let's be frank.

Check out the video above and follow the full recipe here.

Before you get started, here are a few crepe-making tips:

  • For extra light crepes: refrigerate the batter for at least an hour so the gluten becomes 'agitated';
  • To prevent dry crepes: place just-cooked crepes on top of each other, with layers of baking paper in between;
  • To avoid thin, brittle crepe edges: instead of pouring the crepe batter in the middle and swirling, place the batter around the edge of the pan, and swirl from edge-to-edge and across the middle.
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