04/08/2017 8:36 PM AEST | Updated 04/08/2017 8:36 PM AEST

Lorde Challenged The Internet To Find 'Easter Eggs' In Her 'Perfect Places' Video

"This is a case for the FBI."

On Friday morning queen of onion rings and slept-on pop anthems Lorde released the video for her second single off her album 'Melodrama', 'Perfect Places'.

The video, shot in Jamaica, features Lorde in a series of iconic outfits and locations, drinking whiskey in lakes, chugging champagne from the bottle and running down a beach. In line with the title of her album, it's very melodramatic.

Not only is it a stunning video for a great track but after tweeting the link, Lorde followed up saying there were some hidden messages, or 'Easter eggs', throughout the clip.

Which obviously set the wheels of the internet in motion.

To clarify, Lorde doesn't mean LITERAL chocolate Easter eggs, just some kind of hidden references, messages or inside jokes scattered throughout. They could be as subtle as Selena Gomez's possible shrine to Taylor Swift in her 'Fetish' video, but most people believed they were references to Lorde's own lyrics.

Soon Lorde started to give nods to anyone who was able to actually figure out what hidden treasures she had left for fans to discover.

Despite all the Easter eggs, there was one thing that was noticeably missing really making 'Perfect Places' truly perfect.