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Man Disemboweled Girlfriend, Claiming She Screamed Ex's Name During Sex

Fidel Lopez told police he became a “monster.”

A Florida man has been sentenced to life without possibility of parole for the brutal slaying of his girlfriend during a tequila-fueled sexual encounter.

Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of sexual violence.

Fidel Lopez, 26, was sentenced on Thursday by a Broward Circuit Court judge for murder and sexual battery in the 2015 killing of his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, 31. Lopez pleaded guilty last month, admitting that he ripped out some of Nemeth's intestines.

"I know that what I did has to be paid and I agree that I will pay with my life for the life that I took," Lopez said at his sentencing, according to CBS Miami. "To Maria's family, I ask for forgiveness."

CBS Miami
Maria Nemeth was brutally murdered in 2015.

Lopez confessed to police that he became a "monster" when he heard Nemeth call out for her former lover while they were having sex on Sept. 8, 2015. He viciously violated her by inserting various items, "including a beer bottle, a hair flat iron, and both of his fists, into her," according to NBC Miami. He reportedly admitted inserting his arm so far into Nemeth's body that he ripped out her intestines.

Lopez called 911 after Nemeth stopped breathing, authorities said. Responding officers reportedly found him crying next to the body.

Fidel Lopez confessed to killing Maria Nemeth during a jealous rage.

In exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty, the Miami Herald reported. He is ineligible for parole under the deal.

There's no living witness who can say Nemeth actually called out her former husband's name, as Lopez claimed in his police confession. Men who kill women often invent bizarre motives, according to experts.

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