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18 Signs You're Heading For A Breakup, According To Reddit

If your other half gets annoyed over everything you say or they rarely want to spend time with you, it could spell the end for your relationship, according to Reddit.

Breakups aren’t uncommon. In fact, relationships charity Relate estimates that one in five (18%) couples in the UK regularly argue or consider separating.

Reddit users have now shared the key warning signs that, in their opinion, means a breakup is imminent. Here’s what they had to say.

1. ”Getting slightly annoyed at everything the other person says.”

- BriBriKinz

2. “When you don’t want to spend time with them and you hardly ever see them to begin with.”

- yodoggo3

3. “Not talking about issues and letting them pile up inside.”

- Kovandy5

4. “Being afraid of saying something that might piss off your SO [significant other]. Basically just being afraid to speak your mind.”

- xylitoll

5. “The looks you see them shoot at each other when out or at a public event. I’ve seen some pure hatred shot across a table or room.”

- Tiekal

6. “Taking little digs at each other for no reason. Extra points if it’s something they were told in confidence. Even more if they do it in public.”

- kikiwantshercookie

7. “When even talking to them feels like work.”

- conflictedbrownworm

8. “Not doing things together for pleasure/recreation. Sure, it’s normal to have some separate hobbies. Maybe one is into book clubs and the other is into gardening, and they do those things separately. But when you do absolutely NOTHING together except things which are obligations/work, the relationship is headed for the end.”

- FairyDustSailor

9. “A series of silent yet growing betrayals. These are little things that add up. It’s not something big like cheating, it’s things like ignoring the other’s feelings when you think yours are more important or downplaying a concern of theirs.”

- pug_fugly_moe

10. “Constant criticism.”

- mykoconnor

11. “I’ve heard the biggest marriage killer is resentment. If you build up resentment for your SO, you are constantly thinking the worst about the other person and one day you will see that your only way to happiness is to drop the relationship. The trick is to confront issues head on, talk a lot, do whatever you can to not build resentment. It isn’t always easy, and both partners need to be willing to work stuff out.”

- K-Zoro

12. “When you’re not allowed to do things, but they are. Something even as simple as listening to the person’s day. My ex would just cut me off or completely ignore me and then turn his attention to something else, or even tell me to shut up because he didn’t want to hear about my day. But I had to listen to him go on and on.”

- sweetsournsassy

13. “No affection.”

- mykoconnor

14. “I think the worst is just silence. You start leading separate lives. Lots of time by yourself. Not knowing what to say or do to help the situation.”

- zubaz69

15. “Honestly, when the sex feels more like a chore than anything else.”

- jojodolphin

16. “A lack of trust.”

- andrewrgross

17. “Staying late at work to avoid the person.”

- shihtzumagnet

18. “Withholding sex.”

- mykoconnor

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